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About Us

Metamorphosise premium luxury car brands into zero emission works of art!

We re-engineer and electrifying premium luxury car brands and supercars into works of art, with our proprietary zero emission drive systems, processes and technologies.


Beautiful cars need an awesome soundtrack to compliment there looks and presence. We install technology that enhances the driving experience giving you goose bumps; when you blip the throttle, watch the revs climb to the red line and feel the inertia feedback, as you change gear with the flappy paddles! 

To the untrained eye, it is a challenge to distinguish our cars from the original...

The team of experts, with backgrounds in Formula 1 racing, Rolls Royce, Mercedes, McLaren Automotive,  Lotus, Ferrari and niche coach builders; are passionate artisans designing, developing and delivering works of art for discerning clients worldwide, who expect only the best. 

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