A major problem with mainstream cars is that they start to depreciate as soon as they leave the car showroom.


I'm confident you would agree with me, that it would be a game changer if that was reversed. - after allot of head scratching, we now have a solution whereby our vehicles produce revenue 24/7!

This paradigm shift, paves the way forward for two community focused services. The first one provides a valuable FREE city car sharing service to all residents; the second one, is Membership based, where members have a share of the Cryptocurrency mining revenue produced from all the pool cars within the city. 


eCryptoCar ( with Patents

pending in the US, UK  

How it works

Each eCryptoCar has our patent pending, multi-card mining rig concealed with in the vehicle, which is part of each city pool vehicle. Each vehicle is equipped with latest LTE/4G WiFi and is also 5G compatible for the future, as well as Hotspot enabled for a seamless and fluid connectivity.

Soventem's cryptocurrency algorithm ensures the most profitable currency is only traded 24/7/365. We manage the entire process to ensure the City Pool is profitable, as this contributes towards the growth of eCryptoCar in to cities of the world.

As a Crypto Member, you will receive a share of the revenue generated from the eCryptoCar pool in your city for a low monthly subscription. The more you drive within city limits, the higher the their revenue share paid to you, which will be proportionate to the time you use driving one of the eCryptoCars.

Soventem eCryptoCar 2 Seater

Soventem eCryptoCar 2 Seater

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Soventem eCryptoCar 2+2

Soventem eCryptoCar 2+2

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Intercity and eCryptoCar models