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GoJoGo for Hungry EV's

"We are passionate about green mobility and believe that electric vehicles are the future. But as electric vehicles grow in popularity, we're seeing today, that there's a growing challenge! There simply aren't enough charging stations to satisfy the demand."

With our partners, we are developing an innovative 'Clean Energy DC to DC Mobile Charging Network' which will be launched in Europe in 2023. Using our Patent pending technology that does not draw electricity from the grid or from wind farms or using solar panels. This fresh approach to providing an affordable, highly accessible and convenient service will be available to every electric vehicle owner.

1. EV owners and fleet operators register on the app for free

2. From the location map you choose which 'Jo'  you want to charge your car, tap and its booked

3. Choose and pay for £20, £40, £60 worth of electricity 

4. See in real time the 'Jo' driving to you and the estimated time of arrival

5. The 'Jo' will add the electricity to the £ value, automatically programmed into the charger

6. Whilst the EV is charging the 'Jo' will clean the windows of your EV (weather permitting)

GoJoGo is at least 40% cheaper to use than DC fast chargers


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