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Spirited Driving Concept

Welcome to Soventem's Spirited Driving Concept, a revolutionary approach to the driving experience that brings the thrill of Formula 1 racing to the electric hybrid racer. This concept was developed in 2017 with valuable input from multiple times BTCC world champion Matt Neal and experts from Formula 1, Bentley Motors, and Ferrari.


Our unique design places the passenger behind the driver, similar to a Formula 1 racing car, providing the driver with all-round visibility and an immersive driving experience. This cockpit is designed to comfortably accommodate two adults under 6' 6" tall, ensuring a comfortable ride even for taller individuals. 

The design of the car is inspired by the grace and fluidity of birds in flight and dolphins in the sea.

The smooth lines and teardrop shape of the car, combined with the external placement of the four wheels with wheel covers, contribute to the car's aerodynamic efficiency and lightweight design. The car body is made from carbon monocoque, a material known for its strength and lightweight properties.

Despite its sleek and streamlined design, the car does not compromise on storage space. It offers ample storage in the rear, enough for a long weekend away and even a set of golf clubs. The car shares the same footprint as a Mercedes E Class Coupe, making it a practical choice for everyday use while still offering the exhilarating experience of a race car.


The Spirited Driving Concept is not just about the design and layout of the car. It's about creating an engaging and thrilling driving experience. The driver is at the centre of the experience, with the car's controls designed for intuitive use, especially during spirited driving. This concept brings the excitement and adrenaline of a Formula 1 race to the driver, making every journey an exhilarating experience.


At Soventem, we believe in pushing the boundaries of design and performance. Our Spirited Driving Concept is a testament to this belief, offering a unique and thrilling driving experience that combines the best of Formula 1 racing and electric hybrid technology. Experience the thrill of the race with Soventem's Spirited Driving Concept.

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