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Discover Soventem:
Pioneering Sustainable Mobility and Energy Solutions

At Soventem, our name is derived from the Latin words Solis (Sun), Ventus (Wind), and Tempus (Time), reflecting our passion for vehicles and sustainable energy solutions. Founded in 2019 by Robert Parson, we are a UK-based automotive technology company committed to developing innovative and environmentally responsible technologies for the automotive industry.

Our History and Milestones
Soventem was founded with the vision of creating a futuristic inline two-seater electric vehicle that combines performance, style, and sustainability. Over the years, we have expanded our focus to include cutting-edge energy solutions, such as our cathode-less metal air energy pack, which is 100% sustainable, 100% recyclable, and 100% grid-free.

DC Charging: Revolutionizing Mobile DC Charging
Our proprietary cathode-less metal air energy pack powers the mobile DC charging service, which offers a unique and convenient solution for EV owners worldwide. With EvJoGo, we come to you, providing a boost of energy to your EV anytime, anywhere, with zero inconvenience to your lifestyle.

Driving Experiences with Soventem
As a company dedicated to creating exceptional driving experiences, we offer a range of services to cater to the needs of car enthusiasts. Our Soventem Drivers Club is an exclusive community that provides access to exciting accompanied drives on some of the world's most thrilling roads, along with invitations to exclusive events and other exciting opportunities[3].

Join Us in Shaping the Future of Sustainable Mobility
We invite you to learn more about Soventem and explore our range of services. Our commitment to innovation, performance, and sustainability sets us apart in the automotive industry. Contact us today to start planning your next exciting driving experience and join us in driving the future of sustainable mobility.


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